LA Film Shoot This Week

We’re super excited as we gear up for our Los Angeles film shoot this week. 

Against the historical backdrop of the 1946 case Mendez v. Westminster – which led to California becoming the first state in the nation to desegregate its schools and set the precedent for Brown v. Board of education—we’ll be examining the educational challenges faced by LA’s Latino student population. We’ll also look at restorative justice issues and the criminalization of youth that is contributing to the growing school-to-prison pipeline in California.

Second Little Rock Shoot

One of the major highlights of our second (and final) film shoot in Little Rock was a student forum hosted by Noble Impact, who modeled for us ways to engage students in the relevancy and purpose of their education. We went through exercises that gave students the opportunity to investigate and problem-solve educational inequities and school segregation. The students showed us the incredible power of youth voice. 

Finishing our NY Shoot

We just culminated our New York City film shoot with a powerful student roundtable hosted by Integrate NYC 4 Me and attended by City Council Member Ritchie Torres. This week, we looked at the impact of economic disparities, residential segregation, and gentrification on the demographics and resource allocation of the city’s schools. We talked to principals and teachers committed to not letting classism push out the most underserved students in their communities.