LA Film Shoot This Week

We’re super excited as we gear up for our Los Angeles film shoot this week.

Against the historical backdrop of the 1946 case Mendez v. Westminster – which led to California becoming the first state in the nation to desegregate its schools and set the precedent for Brown v. Board of education—we’ll be examining the educational challenges faced by LA’s Latino student population. We’ll also look at restorative justice issues and the criminalization of youth that is contributing to the growing school-to-prison pipeline in California. One group we’re working with, Community Coalition, will show us the social justice campaigns they’ve been working on and share best practices for community organizing to effect change. According to their research on incarceration versus prevention, the cost of incarcerating one youth is $233,000 per year. This money could instead be used to send 789 kids to space camp and sponsor 155 youth jobs.

Stay tuned for more updates from the week, which will no doubt prove powerful and eye-opening.