Second Little Rock Shoot

One of the major highlights of our second (and final) film shoot in Little Rock was a student forum hosted by Noble Impact, who modeled for us ways to engage students in the relevancy and purpose of their education. We went through exercises that gave students the opportunity to investigate and problem-solve educational inequities and school segregation. The students showed us the incredible power of youth voice.

After all, students live the inequities that policymakers theorize and fight over; they witness the injustices that keep many of their peers marginalized and disenfranchised. The students we talked to today are the lucky ones – they are receiving a quality education in a relatively diverse environment. But they get it: in our wildly unequal education system, with the roll of a dice, they could have ended up in a failing school being pushed towards a very different path. So they’re raising their voices on behalf of the collective good.

We’re in it together.