Campaign Partners

Integrate NYC4Me

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Through responsible and participatory research on the disparate impact of segregation and the benefits of integration, we create context for the necessity of advocacy and action. We focus in particular on elevating narratives of students, families and educators most affected by segregation. We connect students, parents, teachers, administrators, political leaders, academics, grassroots organizers, and artists in a powerful community determined to advocate for meaningful policies that can ensure a just and equitable school system for all our young people. We are committed to bringing the rich diversity of our
city into our schools through collaborative projects
and expanding school communities through exchange. We
work to create an integrated and inclusive world today,
showing others what the future could become through
collective action. 


Kappa Delta Pi (KDP)

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Kappa Delta Pi (KDP), International Honor Society in Education, was founded in 1911 to foster excellence in education and promote fellowship among those dedicated to teaching. As a professional membership association, KDP provides programs, services, and resources to its member educators to support and enhance their professional growth—all in an effort to advance quality education for all and to inspire teachers to prepare all learners for future challenges. With more than 650 active chapters and nearly 40,000 active members, we
are looking forward to a future where all children
receive a quality education.


Impact Lab


Inequity offends educators. It activates our passion. We want to do something to fix it! But there's a gap. How do we channel this energy and intention into a high-impact and sustainable change? What's the process? Who can help me? ImpactLab is addressing this gap by
supporting these powerfully motivated educators - helping
them turn their vision for change into a well-designed
solution that is sustainable, replicable and possibly
scalable. ImpactLab uses the methods and mindset of
entrepreneurship to turn passionate educators into
intrapreneurs in their school communities: designing and
executing solutions to problems that aren't otherwise being
solved. We're proud to support the Teach Us All movement
and channel participants' passion for equity into tangible,
measurable impact in the lives of children, their families
and whole communities.