Sonia Lowman (Director/Writer/Producer): Sonia Lowman is the Writer and Director of TEACH US ALL, a feature-length documentary and national social justice campaign on educational inequality and school segregation in the U.S. Sonia developed TEACH US ALL while working as the Director of Communications for the Lowell Milken Center for Unsung Heroes, an international educational nonprofit that teachers young people their power and responsibility to effect positive change in the world. Currently, Sonia serves as Senior Communications Specialist for International Medical Corps, a humanitarian relief organization with operations in 30-plus countries, and is directing her second social justice documentary around race and education in the U.S. Previous work experiences include: running an International Monetary Fund youth outreach initiative in the Middle East for Arab university students; contributing to policy papers on international women’s rights for several NGOs, including the United Nations; and teaching English in postwar Bosnia. Sonia has a Master’s degree in International Relations from the London School of Economics.

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Lowell Milken Center for Unsung Heroes (Executive Director): The Lowell Milken Center for Unsung Heroes (LMC) works with K-12 students and educators across diverse academic disciplines to discover and share the stories of Unsung Heroes who have made a profound and positive impact on the course of history. Through a unique project-based learning approach, students produce documentaries, plays, websites, and visual arts projects that champion Unsung Heroes, in turn discovering their own power and responsibility to improve the lives of others. LMC’s Hall of Unsung Heroes located in historic Fort Scott, Kansas, houses a multi-media exhibition space that brings to life powerful Unsung Hero projects developed in collaboration with LMC. In addition to an ongoing professional development program for educators, LMC holds two international student competitions annually, the Discovery Award and The ArtEffect Project. To date, LMC has reached over 10,000 schools and 1 million students.

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Sarah Haufrect (Associate Producer/Narrator): Sarah Haufrect is the Director of Communications for the office of Lowell Milken, where she has been an adviser on strategic partnerships and special projects in education philanthropy and teacher-quality initiatives since 2014. She has supported the work of the Lowell Milken Family Foundation since 2009. In LA, she is a member of the Youth Business Alliance, which brings professionals with 21st century business skills and perspectives into the classroom to connect and engage with students.


Production Crew

Josiah Engstrom (Cinematographer/Editor): As the founder of MotoVike Films based out of Topeka, Kansas, Josiah Engstrom leads a team of five filmmakers that travel all over the U.S. for client work. He has dedicated his career to quality visual storytelling that evokes an emotional response in audiences. Some of his clients include Global Tel Link, the Air National Guard, The Evel Knievel Museum, and the Lowell Milken Center for Unsung Heroes. Under Josiah’s direction, MotoVike Films has won four Tellys, one Global Accolade, and more than 30 awards from the American Advertising Federation.

Austin Anderson (Editor): Having worked in the entertainment industry for 8 years, Austin Anderson has edited many projects from commercials to feature films. He worked on Dancing with the Stars for 6 seasons, the final season of X Factor at CBS, and the 2015 Country Music Awards, and recently edited a feature-length documentary on mining in east Africa. In addition, Austin freelances at a post-production house, Filmpool, and operates an independent production company, Splice Pics.


Avery Stratton (Editor): As a filmmaker at MotoVike Films, Avery is involved in all aspects of film production, everything from cinematography to editing to directing. She thrives on being able to create and participate in projects of both small and large scales. Whether it be for a local nonprofit or for a national organization, Avery's passion is creating work that matters. In addition to the success she has enjoyed as part of the MotoVike team, she has also won several awards for her personal passion projects, including the mini-documentary, "Kodak in the Congo."


Andrew Ross (Assistant Director of Photography): Andrew “Whitey” Ross began his career in film as a Partner with MotoVike Films in 2014. Having previously worked for seven years in education teaching low-income, at-risk children and families, his passion for storytelling and imparting change ignited. Working on documentaries and short films exposing the shortcomings of our education system has gained him national recognition. Choosing to further his career, Andrew teamed up with Sprout Communications in 2016. He is currently working on additional short films and full-length documentaries that continue to tell these stories.





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