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Produced by the Lowell Milken Center for Unsung Heroes, TEACH US ALL is a documentary and social justice campaign on educational inequality set against the backdrop of the 1957 Little Rock school crisis. Sixty years after the Little Rock Nine faced violent resistance when desegregating Central High in Arkansas, America’s schools continue to represent the key battleground of the Civil Rights Movement. TEACH US ALL demonstrates powerful lessons from history within a timely context, emphasizing the need for unity and collective action to rectify the disparities among America’s children. The TEACH US ALL social justice campaign seeks to build the capacity of students and
educators to take leadership in carrying forth the legacy of the Little Rock Nine while activating broader community engagement in today’s urgent movement for educational equity.

The Film

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In September 1957, following the watershed Supreme Court case Brown v. Board of Education, a group of African-American students known as the Little Rock Nine courageously attempted to defy the notion that skin color should determine educational access by integrating an all-white southern high school. Nearly 60 years after the “Little Rock Crisis,” disparities in access to quality education remain among the most urgent civil rights issues of our time. With its school district hanging in the balance following a state takeover in January 2015, contemporary Little Rock presents a microcosm of the inequities and challenges manifesting in classrooms all across America, which is seeing a re-segregation of its schools.

Through case studies in Little Rock, New York City, and Los Angeles, TEACH US ALL seeks to bring the critical lessons of history to bear on the current state of U.S. education and investigate:

60 years later, how far have we come – or not come – and where do we go from here?

The Impact Campaign

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Throughout history, young people like the Little Rock Nine have been powerful agents of positive social change, and education remains their gateway to opportunity and freedom. How can we, therefore, work together to build an educational system based on quality and equality, and elevate student voice and leadership on the issues that impact them - which is vital for the future of this country?

Timed to coincide with the 60th anniversary of the Little Rock school crisis, the TEACH US ALL social justice campaign aims to elevate an urgent national discussion on educational inequity in the U.S., while putting students and educators at the forefront of creating much-needed change. Leveraging partnerships with youth, social justice, and educational organizations, TEACH US ALL seeks to unify a critical movement by facilitating strategic collaboration among grassroots efforts across the country. The campaign includes community screenings, discussion forums, educational outreach, and direct capacity-building to engage diverse stakeholders in building solutions at both the local and national level.