Take Action: Get Social

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Use your social network to engage online communities in the movement for educational equity. Social media tools can help spread awareness and advocate for social change.

Follow and tag the film: @TeachUsAllFilm on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Tag the campaign hashtag in all of your posts: #TeachUsAll. Make your own, e.g. #TeachUsAllLA, to call attention to your local community - be sure to include the generic hashtag, too.

Post often and at different times and days so your audience can see your messages. Post and tag other friends who might be interested, and more importantly tag educators, administrators and elected officials to get them interested in your efforts.

Retweet these notable figures who share in our fight for #EdEquity:

·       Pedro Noguera, Ph.D, one of the nation's most prominent professors of urban education: @PedroANoguera  

·       Nikole Hannah-Jones, Peabody award-winning New York Times journalist and foremost reporter on school segregation: @nhannahjones 

·       Integrate NYC4Me, a New York-based youth activist movement for equity and integration that is expanding across the U.S.: @integratenyc4me



Not sure how to start a discussion? Here are some suggested posts and topics that you can share to get started. 


·       #TeachUsAll focuses on #EdEquity and school #desegregation. See the journey from #LittleRockNine to now.

·       There's a difference! #Equality will not close the achievement gap, but #Equity works towards achieving that goal. #TeachUsAll #EdEquity

·       Our students of color deserve better. Join the #TeachUsAll movement and make a difference: http://www.teachusallfilm.org/

·       “The future of this country will be determined by what happens in its schools” -Pedro Noguera #TeachUsAll #EdEquity #civilrights

·       “A poor student who can’t read on grade level by 3rd grade is 13x less likely to graduate high school.” #TeachUsAll

·       The percentage of minority students attending “hyper-segregated” schools has nearly tripled since 1988. #TeachUsAll #EdEquity #desegregation



A picture can be worth a 1000 words. These graphics are a simple but impactful way to bring public attention to Teach Us All. View some shareables below or download one from our shareables page.

Change your Facebook profile picture and encourage your friends to change their profile picture to the Teach Us All logo. Help educate your social network on the fight to #TeachUsAll.