Dear Teachers of America:

We recognize you.

Your impact is exponential.

Our nation’s future depends on you.



In partnership with ImpactLab, Teach Us All is working to engage educators across the U.S. through teacher leadership workshops that teach skills for creating innovative solutions to equity problems confronting their school communities. Workshop participants will become part of a nationwide digital community where they can engage with peer teacher innovators and access ongoing content and support as they work to research, design and build their solutions.

Interested in hosting an equity teacher leadership workshop? Contact Us Here.

Those educators seeking deeper support are encouraged to apply to the ImpactLab Teacher Fellowship, a ten-month innovation leadership program that kicks off every September.

Solutions created by Teacher Fellows will be made available to a national audience through the ImpactLab and Teach Us All websites, creating an open marketplace of concrete solutions for other educators, policymakers and communities.




The Teach Us All social action curriculum includes modules that mirror the film’s chapters and enable educators to deliver educational equity-related content within multiple disciplines of study. Co-authored by students and teachers from New York City’s Youth Council on School Integration, the curriculum engages students with 60 years of debate in the movement for equity and integration. At the end of each chapter, students take on the challenge of considering how they would have acted at critical moments in our nation’s history, and how they will act to bring about change and transform the educational landscape today. The curriculum also provides multiple onramps to civic engagement for students, including tools for community organizing, social justice litigation, and political leadership. This is an excellent way to build student leadership capacity at the local level, and plug students into a national network of equity activists.